Shoal Bay Public School Aboriginal Mural

Last year, students from every stage at Shoal Bay Public School participated in creating a collaborative Aboriginal mural. Each child was given a boomerang to decorate in Aboriginal designs.

The boomerangs were then combined to make a 6 metre mural to be placed at the entrance to our school. When combined, the boomerangs created a Rainbow Serpent.

The Dreaming story about the Rainbow Serpent tells us that Goorialla came from beneath the ground and created huge ridges, mountains, and gorges as it pushed upward. This reminded us of the beautiful landscapes in the Shoal Bay area.

The students enjoyed using their creativity and developing knowledge of the Aboriginal culture to participate in this whole-school activity.

Please come and visit us, and take a look at the spectacular mural we have created for our school.

welcome sign

Story contributed by Jacqui Perry from Shoal Bay Public School. Published in 2017.