Glen William Public School Close The Gap

On Tuesday the 28th of March we had numerous visitors at our school that took place in activities to celebrate Closing the Gap.

Traditional Aboriginal Games and Instruments

We began our day by playing some traditional Aboriginal ball games on the court, then we sat with some local Aboriginal Elders from our community that allowed us to examine the traditional Aboriginal tools such as an Aboriginal shaker that made a sound like rain, a didgeridoo that was made out of bamboo and while learning about the didgeridoo from our Elders we were told that girls are not allowed to play the didgeridoo. One of the Aunties also showed us how to make a boomerang using any part of a curved tree branch.

Bush Tucker

The Elders also gave us some knowledge on bush tucker and what we can and can’t eat when surviving in the bush, she talked about lily pilly berries and the seeds that are inside the berries, and she also showed us how to extract yams and pippies out of the ground on the beach. Some of the Elders had prepared some traditional Aboriginal food for us such as Kangaroo skewers, stew and potato mash, damper and lily pilly jam.

Story contributed by Kristy Bulttiude from Glen William Public School. Published in 2017.