Bro Speak at Tanilba Bay Public School

The Bro Speak program was again offered to students at Tanilba Bay Public School in Term 4 of 2016. Positions in Bro Speak were filled by Aboriginal boys from Years 4, 5 and 6, with the initial group totalling fourteen students.

The program included the involvement of six Aboriginal mentors who spoke to the boys on a diverse range of topics. All mentors were able to establish a strong rapport with the boys and the respect that the boys showed to each speaker was evident. Mentor topics included time management, leadership, connecting to country, self-esteem, conflict resolution, goal setting and career paths.
brospeak 1
At the core of the program was also the undertaking of a cultural project. Our group researched their individual totems and were then assisted to paint these totems onto poles which have been displayed within our next meeting circle at the front of the school. Responses from the boys who participated last year were overwhelmingly positive, with the boys from Years 4 and 5 being extremely eager to again be part of the program in 2017.
brospeak 2

Story contributed by Lisa Walker from Tanilba Bay Public School. Published in 2017.